Hello, VIXCO Community,

The VIXCO team is thrilled to share some important news with you. We have taken significant steps to enhance the utility and activate trading for VIXCO tokens. We have successfully completed the development of a bridge connecting ETH and Optimism to bolster VIXCO trading services on the Optimism Layer2 platform. This development is expected to greatly improve the liquidity and accessibility of VIXCO tokens.

• VIXCO Main Bridge:

• VIXCO Test Bridge:

Furthermore, the VIXCO Store is set to launch with around 500 D2C companies, with plans to expand to up to 3,000 companies in the future. For this, we will be providing 10,000,000 VIX from the Payment Reserve to these companies for liquidity supply purposes, and moving 5,000,000 VIX from the ECO Reward to smoothly support VIXCO token trading and offer an enhanced trading experience to our users.

This achievement was made possible through our collaboration with ibexlab Co., Ltd., to whom we have decided to pay 10,000,000 VIX.

The VIXCO team will continue to work hard to expand the usage range of VIXCO tokens, promote the use of VIXCO in more stores, support the activation of transactions, and provide our users with a diverse and rich trading experience.

We deeply appreciate your continued interest and support.

Sincerely, The VIXCO Team