2024 Roadmap

2024 Roadmap


Roadmap timeframe


Announcement Date

March 10, 2024

Q1 2024 [January - March]:

- Connect to Layer2 Optimism network to reduce ETH gas costs for VIXCO token transactions

- Development of VIXCO token-based marketplace vixco.store

- Gathering of stores to join the marketplace vixco.store

- Open vixco.store beta service

Q2 2024 [April - June]:

- Completion of 21-inch blockchain Kiosk product development and mass production

- Completed development and launched Kiosk solution and table ordering solution

- Registered VIXCO POS, Kiosk, and table order products with the Korea Restaurant Association and jointly marketed them

- Developed Account Abstraction's Paymaster technology to pay for gas with VIXCO tokens during VIXCO transactions

- Marketplace vixco.store commercial service

- Aim to have 100 stores on vixco.store

Q3 2024 [July - September]:

- Launch of vixco.store Kazakhstan and global services

- Target of 500 stores on vixco.store

- Expand into direct to customer (D2C) business to revitalize vixco.store

- Launched Paymaster service to pay for gas with VIXCO tokens for VIXCO transactions

- Develop VIXCO local advertising platform

Q4 2024 [October - December]:

- Aim to have 1,000 stores on vixco.store

- Launch of VIXCO Local Ads service

- Expand vixco.store outside Kazakhstan (Sri Lanka, India, Japan, Thailand, etc.)