Token Release Schedule

Token Release Schedule


1.Token Lock-up Release Period

April 1, 2024 ~ June 30, 2024

2.Lock-up releasing amount during the period

107,000,000 (13.7% of current circulating supply)

3.General Information

Total Issuance Amount:2,000,000,000

Circulating Amount (before the release): 676,690,380

Circulating Amount %(before the release): 33.83%

Circulating Amount (after the release):783,690,380

Circulating Amount %(after the release): 39.18%

4.Token Lock-up Details

The amount that is being publicly circulated to date is 783,690,380(39.18%)

5. Purpose of Token Release and Other Relevant Information

*The exact number of the Circulating Supply may change in real time due to various events and the VIX Pay reward program.

*For that matter, the VIXCO foundation will calculate the circulation supply that will be updated every month, announce it on the VIXCO homepage(, Xangle, and at the same time conduct a ‘Self-Reported-Circulating-Supply’ on CoinMarketCap so that this number can also be disclosed to the public.