VIXCO Migration

VIXCO Migration


VIXCO has carefully moved VIX tokens to enhance transparency and efficiency. Swaps will take place within the fly bit exchange.

Swap progress time. February 16th 17:00~18:00

Deposit and withdrawal stop time. February 16th 12:00~19:00

Migration is a process to includes lock-up and incineration functions.

We will notify you when the deposit and withdrawal resume. We are very sorry for the inconvenience in using it. Please continue to show a lot of love and support/encourage VIXCO.

Migration contract address: 0xc0b68EB52c89e3fffa62D78012ac8b661bfAA323. Existing contract address: 0x49bf0220c9ce17e52dcca3d217231746d676085b. Migration ratio: It remains the same at 1:1. Deposit address: 0x67323ccae14fd010354a343c146a16968c05d5df