VIXCO is an integrated De-Fi Platform

Feature .01


VIXCO offers integrated blockchain-based DeFi services with conventional offline POS system and automated AI on the platform.

Implementation of POS machines and decentralized wallets allows a linear and functional relation between affiliates and consumers for more fundamental consistency on the actual sales and settlement data based on the transparency of the blockchain protocol.

The team aims to lead both the on-offline payment market through VIXCO Platform by providing gateway for consumers and affiliates to access financial services in a more secure and fast environment with payments, loans, staking, investment, while still supporting the safest and fastest transactions speed and fees.

Feature .02

Why Choose VIXCO?

Fast and Easy Transaction & Payment through ATM-POS Machine


P2P Transaction

Blockchain-based Transparent Payment Service
Fast Transaction and Low Fee


Various Payment Method Support

IC Card, MSR Card, NFC
Barcode, QR-Code


DeFi Service

Staking through VIXCO Platform
AI-unman Systems and DeFi Services

Feature .03



Staking & Loan Service


ATM-POS Machine Payment


Overseas Transaction Service


Support for a variety of payments

Feature .04


It is a terminal that can be used by merchants around the world as a payment method.
ATM POS terminal that provides cash withdrawal service and credit card merchant terminal that provides cash withdrawal service, while supporting VIXCO withdrawal and payment.

Customers with VIXCO can use VIXCO in place of cash and credit cards at merchants with virtual asset ATM POS devices installed.

Virtual asset ATM POS supports “Credit Card Statement Bond Purchase Service”.
When paying with VIXCO, not only real-time cash deposits but also depending on the merchant’s choice.
It is designed to be paid by VIXCO if you expect to increase the value.

Feature .05

Business Infrastructure

Blockchain POS terminal
Global merchant payment method provided / Credit card statement bond purchase service

VIXCO Working Node Mainnet 
Provides Ethereum-based Defi services such as Lending and Staking

Blockchain-based Payment Purchase System
Implementing Blockchain Wallet, missing settlement, and resolving discrepancies at source

Feature .06


VIXCO Payment

We support all payment methods from credit/debit cards to mobile payments. The payment solution applied to the VIXCO solution provides world-class security including EMV L1/L2 certification, EMV Contactless L1 & VISA, MASTER, AMEX, UNION Pay Brand certification, etc.

QR Pay

We provide an advanced QR Pay environment by generating the merchant, menu, and price information with QR codes for each transaction.

POS Solution on Cloud

All orders and payment information is managed in real time by Cloud, making it easy to provide Tablet and Mobile Order and payment services.


The use of cryptocurrencies has become more widespread,
The origin platform idea. Development of the concept and business plan.

Q2 2021
Wallet, Token Platform Mainnet Development, Blockchain POS Terminal Development, Unmanned Loan Kiosk Development, VIX PAY Pilot Service, Staking & Loan Service Development
Q3 2021
Launch of blockchain POS terminal, launch of unmanned loan service, Initiate VIX PAY services, register PG and initiate Rent Pay services
Q4 2021
Supply of overseas blockchain POS terminals, establishment of overseas branches, Overseas VIX PAY Beta Service Opens

Token Distribution

  • 33% Payment Reserve

  • 17% Eco-Rewards

  • 15% Operation

  • 13% Partnership Reserve

  • 7% Marketing

  • 5% Team

  • 5% Advisors

  • 4.9% Early Investor

  • 0.1% Token Sale

Token Description
Token Name VIXCO
Token Symbol VIX
Token Platform ERC20
Token Cap 2,000,000,000 VIX


VIXCO Migration (13-Feb-2022)

Hello VIXCO community.

VIXCO has carefully moved VIX tokens to enhance transparency and efficiency.
Swaps will take place within the fly bit exchange.

Swap progress time
February 16th 17:00~18:00

Deposit and withdrawal stop time
February 16th 12:00~19:00

Migration is a process to includes lock-up and incineration functions.

We will notify you when the deposit and withdrawal resume.
We are very sorry for the inconvenience in using it.
Please continue to show a lot of love and support/encourage VIXCO.

Migration contract address: 0xc0b68EB52c89e3fffa62D78012ac8b661bfAA323
Existing contract address: 0x49bf0220c9ce17e52dcca3d217231746d676085b
Migration ratio: It remains the same at 1:1
Deposit address: 0x67323ccae14fd010354a343c146a16968c05d5df